martes, 28 de diciembre de 2010

Too much

We were on our way back home
at 3 in the morning
and he stopped to look at a window display
where he saw something that he found fun
then he pointed at it
and started to laugh
too much

He was a really expressive boy

“don’t exaggerate” I said
“it’s just that it’s so funny” he answered
And he kept laughing
with his mouth open
making lots of noise
his finger pointing

He wasn’t real

Everything he did
seemed poorly staged

I look at it him serious for awhile
feeling sad
realizing that it had
already ended

I’m dating a man
that cums like a woman
cries like a baby
and laughs like a lunatic,
I thought

Then I turned around
I started to walk
and I reached home, alone

(otro poema de Pecés traducido por Jacob)

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